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Baoding Changkong Petroleum Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992, is the joint-stock medium-sized petrochemical enterprises. Enterprises can bear, small chemical, petroleum,chemical engineering and other industrial projects, equipment, piping, electrical, instrumentationline installation, tank cleaning. The company mainly produces oil equipment, petroleum fittings,vertical, horizontal tank and inner floating roof, product design from Petrochemical Design Institute, the indicators have reached the national standard, the main components through the national fixed fire extinguishing, refractory quality test center test. Flexible rotor pump developed by our company, to fill the domestic blank.

The companyhas more than 240 employees,89 management staff,various professional and technicalpersonnel more than 81 people,including:advanced title 8 people,intermediate title 35people,has the constructionmachinery and equipment more than 90 Taiwan,all kinds oflifting,transportation,metal processing,testing,testingequipment,toensure the constructionof various types ofconstruction projectsrequirements.

The companyin the development of many years topay great attention to scientific management andtechnological progress,in the petrochemicalengineering constructionand accumulated rich experience in construction,especially in theoil tank productioninstallation and transformation,thespiralcanautomatic weldingproduction lineandwith thematching sets ofproduction equipment,process piping,railwayZhanqiaoof steel structure andgas stationconstruction of the pumphouse,createa prominentperformance,obtained thechemical petroleum engineeringconstruction enterprisequalification,and in early 2006passed the IS09001 qualitysystem certification,isSinopecmaterial resources market member units,ChinesePLA GeneralLogistics Departmentcolumn mountedunits.

The company attaches great importance tothe scientific management of the enterpriseand the staffquality construction,repeatedly been rated as"excellent construction enterprise","pacesetterenterprise","the ideological and political workof advanced enterprise"and"heavy contract,keep promisemunicipaladvanced unit","2002,striving forservicedouble satisfaction of qualityunit".Over the years,companies withadvanced technology and scientific management,goodaccess to social services,new and old customers trustand praise.

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Add: No. 219, Fengneng Street, Baoding City, Hebei Province
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